Feeding Animals Self-Study Course

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Understand more about animal feeding and nutrition requirements with the 20 hour short course- Feeding Animals. This is a self guided short course that will help you understand the essentials of what is required to feed animals.

Study online. Requires around 20 hours of study. Start at any time to suit you. Get 10% off by entering the promo code of STUDENT when you enrol.
This self study course is designed to provide the reader with knowledge of animal function relating to diet. It will give a comprehensive guide to the composition of feed with a detailed exploration of types of feeds and how humans work to manage and improve feed supply and production for animal health or, as we see most often in the case of livestock, for financial gain.

The Feeding Animals Short Course covers 10 lessons including an introduction to feeding animals and industry opportunities, the composition of feed, forage, concentrates, feed additives, managing feed production and supply, feeding small companion animals and pets, feeding livestock, feeding wildlife and finally eating and nutritional disorders in animals.

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01384 442752
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Diana Cole
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Start at any time. Requires around 20 hours of study
1 July 2022
1 August 2022

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