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Ecotherapy Short Course. Self study by distance learning. 20 hours of study. Ecotherapy, also known as nature therapy, is a very real treatment which is gaining increasing use in mainstream health care.
Modern research has shown that health can be enhanced, and healing hastened through engagement with nature. Examples of ecotherapy can include structured activities such as horticultural therapy, pet therapy, forest bathing, swimming with dolphins or outdoor painting or yoga classes.

Academic research from around the world has revealed some remarkable facts about how simply being in a natural setting can have a huge impact on health. We know for a fact that hospital stays can be shortened, and recovery from illness hastened by providing views from a bed into a park or garden.

This course helps you to understand how interacting with nature can benefit human health and wellbeing; and gives you a wide range of different types of ecotherapeutic activities you can draw upon in order to respond to a person’s therapeutic needs. You will develop a fundamental understanding of ecotherapy and forge a foundation to continue developing your knowledge and understanding of the subject post study.
Lessons on - Nature & Scope of Ecotherapy Applications, Theoretical Perspectives, Clients in Ecotherapy, Outdoor Ecotherapy with Plants, Outdoor Ecotherapy with Animals, Indoor Ecotherapy Activities, Creative Arts Ecotherapy Activities, Complimentary Therapies and Activities.

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01384 442752
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Tracey Jones
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1 June 2022
1 July 2022

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