Ecological Literacy Online Certificate Course

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ECOLOGICAL LITERACY is the knowledge and understanding of how nature’s systems work, and how all living beings are dependent on and interconnected with each other. Taking its roots from ecology and whole systems thinking, ecological literacy is an awareness-building course that provides necessary information on the principles and processes of natural systems, how they make life on earth possible and how we can live in more harmony and integrity with these systems.

Course Outline

W1 - An ecological history of our planet
A biochemical planet
Ecology (Key Concepts)
Major ecosystems of the world

W2 - Earth as a Living Organism
water, current conditions
Soil life
Biodiversity-ecosystem function and its Spatio-temporal dimensions
Landscape ecology

W3 - Anthropocene and the Current Challenges
Human footprints
Climate change, air pollution, GHG and etc.
Extractive systems (food, energy), politics and economics
Covid 19, pandemics and extinction

W4 - Flourishing Diversity / Regenerating Ecology
Humans and biodiversity: nature’s contributions to people
Ecological connectedness and relational values
Ecological restoration
Regenerative agri-food systems

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£147-£245 (Pay with time & Pay What You Can options are avai
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Every Sunday
1 May 2022
22 May 2022
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