Eat Like it Matters – Food Politics and Nutrition Course

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A weekend course taking place near Glastonbury in Somerset exploring food politics and the challenges to our food system today with an emphasis on nutrition.

This weekend course is an opportunity to develop your knowledge of nutrition, increase your practical skills in foraging, fermenting and cooking, and collectively explore the politics of food and nutrition with an amazing group of people.

This participatory course will include sessions on:
• Nutritional science
• Plant-based diets FAQs
• Health at Every Size, body positivity and dismantling the diet paradigm
• Food sovereignty vs food security
• Decolonizing the food system
• Intersectional food activism
• Cooking as community building

Learners will collectively prepare and share meals developing their skills catering, foraging, fermentation and using food waste. The course will also serve as an exchange of community and radical food initiatives and projects.

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This course operates on a sliding-scale, donation basis from
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21 April 2018
22 April 2018
Isy Schulz, Saul Jay, Nicole Vosper
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