Designing Regenerative Small Farms

Advanced Design Skills
Summary information

Skills and knowledge to redesign your farm or land holding into an agroecological, productive and regenerative system.

Duration: Main Course 2 days (+1 Pond-Building Day)

Join us in the beautiful countryside of South Wales for a design course with a difference. Tyr Ywen Farm is 300m up, with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. Over the weekend we will be designing the layout of the farm, as well as planning for a large pond, following the principles of regenerative agriculture. The course will be led by Niels Corfield and supported by Salah Hammad, from PRI Australia. The following weekend there will be a pond-building demonstration day on the farm.

Frameworks Used:
Regenerative agriculture (RegenAg), agroforestry, Keyline planning, soil health principles, Holistic Management, permaculture design.
Course Format:
• Learn by doing. Participatory/hands-on design session and facilitated discussions.
• Learn dry/rote information in a digestible and easy to absorb fashion.
• Experiment with design options and create example plans in an informal, supportive setting.

This course is suitable for:
• Farmers/farm managers & landowners
• Consultants and advisors
• Smallholders
• Those looking to buy/rent land

What topics will be compared and presented?
• Principles, frameworks & methodologies
• Site/microclimate analysis
• Agroforestry systems
• Keyline design & cultivation patterns
• Dams, ponds, water harvesting in the landscape
• Constructed wetlands, living barns
• No-till, min-till & cover crops
• Cropping systems and cash crop alternatives
• Holistic management, mob grazing
• Fencing systems and water provision
• Mushrooms, biochar & biomass production
• Nurseries, propagation and breeding
• Pasture management and reseeding
• Soil and plant management
• Tree establishment
• Case studies and examples

Booking and further information
Telephone number: 
07858 300668
Contact name: 
Niels Corfield
Dates and times
29 July 2017 to 30 July 2017

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