Designing Forest Gardens / Food Forests

Specialist - Forest gardening
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Designing Forest Gardens / Food Forests. How to think like a Forest.
East Kent Permaculture Learning Centre

Inspired by principles found in the natural system and Permaculture Design, Jo will take us through how to design a Forest garden/ Food Forest system. In fact there will be three design threads of Place, People and Plants each of these are essential and have their own special tools to apply. We will learn about how to observe and survey a site, how to utilise sun, soil and other energies moving through the site, plant selection and some different design techniques. We will also cover designing with place, plants and people/ community. We will do a group design/s together to practise this learning.

We aim to help people be confident in taking next steps with their own project. Its always helpful if participants let us know in advance what they are wanting support with.
If you are fairly new to the concept this course will help you get started.
If you are fairly skilled this course will help you go deeper.
We recommend that you sign up for this series of them as they all have elements of design.

This day we will focus on the maturing forest garden at the back of the Abbey Physic Community gardens. We aim to get to know to better and contribute in some productive way. We hope this will be the start of being involved more actively in the garden.

The rest of the Food Forests/ Forest Gardening Series 2022
Spring. Sat 21 May. Introduction to Forest Gardening and Food Forests. How to be a Forest
Summer June 11th Food Forests and Regenerative Food growing techniques.
Summer Sat 16 Sun July. Designing Forest gardens / food forests. How to grow like a Forest.
Autumn Sat October 15th. Practical Permaculture. Gardening like a Forest Day. How to Garden like a Forest.

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Abbey Physic Community Garden
Sliding scale £80 / £60 / £35 each day includes lunch.
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Jo Barker
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10 to 5.30pm
16 July 2022
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Abbey Physic Community Narden
Abbey Place
ME13 7BG
United Kingdom
Apprentice Teachers
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This course is open to offers from apprentice teachers wishing to gain teaching experience.

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