Cordwood Masonry and Timber Framing Workshop

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Join us for a 5-day workshop where we will build a beautiful cordwood structure with two of the most-respected natural builders in North America, Rob & Jaki Roy. The structure will be a sauna, a fitting choice as Rob is the author of the classic book The Sauna. This type of structure could also be a guesthouse, office, or similar.
The first two days of this workshop will be the framing of a small “4-poster” sauna using commonly available mechanical fasteners as described in Rob’s Timber Framing for the Rest of Us book. This is not “traditional” timber framing with finely crafted wooden joints. Rather, this is the way that most farmers, owner-builders and contractors actually do it.
The last three days of the workshop will consist of infilling the timber frame panels with cordwood masonry, that style of building in which walls are built of short logs – called “log-ends” –are laid transversely in the wall, much as a rank of firewood (“cordwood”) is stacked. The wall derives exceptional thermal characteristics – good for a sauna or a home – because of the insulated space between the inner and outer mortar joints. You will get plenty of hand-on training from Rob and Jaki, and, by the last day, will be able to lay up a strong and attractive wall with some degree of speed and efficiency.
There will be illustrated classroom sessions for both the timber framing and cordwood masonry components.
Rob and Jaki Roy have owned and operated Earthwood Building School in West Chazy, New York, since 1981. Rob has written more than 15 books on cordwood masonry and other natural building topics. The couple have taught cordwood masonry all over North America and around the world. Their website, with lots of picture pages and their complete book list, is:

Booking and further information
Telephone number: 
+34 931 032 383
€380 - €430
Contact name: 
Alfred Decker
Dates and times
17 June 2017 to 21 June 2017
Rob and Jaki Roy
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Apprentice Teachers
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No apprentice teacher places available on this course.

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