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Develop skills and knowledge required for commercial vegetable production, including a variety of production methods. This is a very sound 100 hour foundation course in general vegetable production.

The course comprises 8 lessons as follows:-

1. Introduction to Vegetable Growing

Understand the planning processes required in setting up a farming enterprise. Select appropriate crops.

2. Cultural Practices for Vegetables
Explain general cultural practices used for vegetable production.

3. Pest, Disease & Weed Control
Explain the management of potential problems, including pests, diseases, weeds, and environmental disorders in vegetable production.

4. Hydroponic & Greenhouse Growing
Explain alternative cultural techniques, including greenhouse and hydroponic production, for vegetables.

5. Growing Selected Vegetable Varieties
Determine specific cultural practices for selected vegetable varieties.

6. Irrigation
To develop understanding of how efficiently manage the availability of water to vegetable crops in order to achieve optimum growth.

7. Harvest & Post-Harvest
Determine the harvesting, and post-harvest treatment of different vegetables.

8. Marketing Vegetables
Develop marketing strategies for different vegetables.

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Dates and times
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You can start the course at any time and work at a pace to suit you.
1 June 2022
1 July 2022
Diana Cole, Yvonne Sharpe, Maggi Brown

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