Cob Oven Cooking

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The day will start with a explanation of the cob oven lighting technique and wood preparation, and we will then prepare the dishes to be cooked through the day. Our aim is to utilize the various forms of heat a wood-fired oven provides: from searing 400ºC flat-bread and pizza baking, through braising, roasting and baking to slow-cooking and drying.

During the day we will bake Moroccan chick pea flatbreads, roast summer vegetables to be served with a spicy harissa. We will also cook some beans with garlic, sage and chorizo (without chorizo for vegetarians). For tea we will prepare, bake and serve no kneed bread and jam plus olive oil cake with nectarines.

Additionally in between meals we’ll look at the use of a Kelly kettle (or storm kettle) for hot water for washing up and beverages and utilizing/making of a ‘tippy tap’ for hand washing, hand hygiene etc.

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01570 493 358
Telephone number: 
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Betws Bledrws LAMPETER Ceredigion SA48 8PB
Adult £45 Child under 16 £30
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Mara Morris
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Course commences at 10.00 am and finish at 4.00 pm
8 April 2018
Sally Harvey
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