Certified Permaculture Design Course in Portugal

(PDC) Permaculture Design Course
Summary information

This is a 72 hours certified course that covers all aspects of Permaculture as detailed by Bill Mollison (co-founder of the movement and author of "Permaculture: a designer's manual"). The course will touch all elements required to design a complete human settlement and will include topics such as food production, resource management, project management, soil, agroforestry, animal systems, appropriate technology, people systems and social Permaculture.

The course will include a final design project and the handover of the PDC certificate upon completion and presentation of the final design.

No previous experience is required! Just openness and willingness to become part fo the regeneration movement!

You can also join the Yoga and Permaculture retreat right before the PDC, check out the website for more info!
For more information visit https://www.eduardoterzidis.com/pdc

Booking and further information
Telephone number: 
Contact address: 
via dei giuochi istmici 18
1150 for shared suite room early bird price
Contact name: 
Eduardo Terzidis
Dates and times
8 February 2022 to 20 February 2022
Venue information
Monte Velho Retreat Centre
8670-230 Carrapateira

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