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In 2024 Keela are hosting an amazing program of permaculture courses certified by the Permaculture Association. Please see the three date options above.

After each of the PDCs, keela has an optional 1 week of immersion into another topic that you may also join:

- April will be Advanced Permaculture Design for your Certificate in Applied Permaculture Design
- June will be Natural Building
- Sept will be Food Forests

Join Just the PDC, Just the immersion, or join both (with 100eur discount)

Also, there is an opportunity for PDC graduates to apply for an internship at Keela Permaculture Farm.
Course summary

 Keela Permaculture Farm´s  Permaculture Design Course is officially certified by the Permaculture Association (Britan). This comprehensive course is conducted three times annually, covering the standard 72-hour PDC syllabus with a focus on permaculture systems, hands-on experience, and completing a permaculture design for a personal project,.

Participants will be uniquely immersed into off-grid living within a community setting, fostering a deep connection with nature. They will also savour nutritious organic meals and engage in invigorating yoga classes. The functioning 52-acre permaculture farm features food forests, agroforestry, and various sustainable natural buildings constructed with straw bale, cordwood, and cob. Students will witness practical examples of permaculture systems, including the integration of sheep, pigs, and chickens-

Throughout the course, each student will choose a personal project to work on, establishing a direct link between the curriculum and their individual interests. This project can range from designing for their own land to transforming a parent's garden, or balcony, or implementing a worm system—anything relevant to their future plans.

The PDC can be taken as a standalone program or in conjunction with subsequent courses on advanced design (April), food forests (Sept), or natural buildings (June), which immediately follow the PDC.

Upon successfully completing the course, participants will be awarded a certified Permaculture Design Course certificate, a testament to their newfound knowledge and skills in permaculture principles and design. 

With this certificate, you will then be able to: 


Certified teacher
Henri Hoffren
Jonathan Ives
Kimberly Manchee
Apprentice teachers
This course is open to offers from apprentice teachers wishing to gain teaching experience
Permaculture Design Course Portugal
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Permaculture Design Course
Engagement style
Face to face

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1, Vale Leitao, mata da rainha
6230-810 Fundao

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Laurence Manchee
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