Certified Permaculture Design Course - 2 weeks in Brittany, France

(PDC) Permaculture Design Course
Summary information

The 72hr curriculum is certified by the Permaculture Association of Britain.
We have adapted our course material to our location and relative interests. For example, we offer a rural focus with small holding, vegetable growing, regenerative agriculture, and food forests as some of the themes that are included.
You can expect guest speakers, field trips and hands on activities that are chosen to enhance your learning.

Throughout the course we work to build community, friendship and meaningful networks, along with ensuring that all participants are well fed, and cared for and to provide a relaxed, yet focused and inspiring experience within a safe space.

This first part of the course includes exploring the ethics that guide permaculture practitioners: caring for the earth, caring for people and sharing our planet’s resources. These ethics have a massive influence on choices we must make to regenerate the land and live abundantly.
We then examine the principles of ecology and permaculture design. These principles are the core of permaculture and will be reiterated throughout the course.
Afterwards we will study design frameworks and methods, and learners will have a chance to engage with these over a few design projects. Everyone will have the chance to present a design project by the end of the course.

Booking and further information
Telephone number: 
9 Bellevue
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Karen Noon
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Dates and times
4 June 2021
18 June 2021
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Apprentice Teachers
Teacher apprentices: 
This course is open to offers from apprentice teachers wishing to gain teaching experience.

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