CEED - Cultural Emergence Effective Design

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The CEED (Cultural Emergence Effective Design) course is an adventure into manifesting our goals and visions with Looby Macnamara and Jon Young. You are guided to make a design for yourself using the Design Web (created by Looby) for any area of your life you wish to enhance.
This training will give you the confidence and skills to design any aspect of your life. You will gain design skills and tools ready to take forward and do more designs.

There will be 2 phases to this course. The pre-design reflective phase and then the active design phase.

The reflective phase will be a deep reflective process called the Renewal of Creative Path which will prepare the ground for effective design.

The course has videos, audios, comments forum, class community, 3 live group calls with Looby and Jon and 3 smaller group tutorials with the CEED team.

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07786 262 864
Telephone number: 
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sliding scale from £95, bursary places available as well
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As soon as you enroll you get access to the reflective process of Renewal Of Creative Path, the active design phase starts on 17th Jan. There will be whole group calls with Looby and Jon and alternate weeks of smaller group tutorials with the CEED team,
17 January 2022 to 7 March 2022
Jon Young
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