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Fish farming may be a relatively old and well established technique; but it is an industry sector that is rapidly changing, and growing.

Fish (and crustacean) farming can be carried out on a small scale (even in a home garden); or on a large scale (covering dozens of acres). This course provides the foundation for undertaking aquaculture on any scale.

The course comprises 10 lessons as follows:-

1. Introduction To Aquaculture
2. Production Systems - EP and IP
3. What Species To Farm
4. Trout
5. Barramundi
6. Bass
7. Freshwater Crayfish
8. Setting Up A Fish Farm
9. Fish Foods & Feeding
10. Harvesting

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You can start the course at any time and study at your own pace.
1 November 2021
1 December 2021
Gareth Pearce, Alison Pearce and Cheryl Wilson

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