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May 8th-10th : Weekend Perma-Aquaculture course with a focus on aquatic ecology and tank and swimming pool upgrades

In this two-day course, plus Friday evening open lecture, we will be focused on theory and hands on work geared towards this highly productive form of aquatic management. To integrate the knowledge we will be establishing new and expanding existing aquaculture systems at Terra Alta, small-scale-intensive educational centre in coastal Portugal. The unique existing systems are due for a next phase of implementation so we will be improving them and doing dynamic expansion for biodiversity in our hands-on sessions. Our main efforts will be at the tank and the the stream for water quality improvements while we will also hear from co-teacher and long running TreeYo facilitator, Karsten Hinrichs, on his innovative swimming pool conversion into a natural element.

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60 euros
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8 May 2015 to 10 May 2015
Doug Crouch
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