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Course runs from Friday afternoon at 1pm to Sunday afternoon 1pm
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“Agroforestry is both a traditional practice, and a modern practice. It has undergone a renewal and uptake for modern sustainable farming methods over the last 30-40 years The name of "agroforestry" was created in the 1977 to describe the deliberate use of incorporating trees into farming practice”

Professor Martin Wolfe is one of the world's leading experts on Agroforestry, based on 30 years of experimental work on his farm in Suffolk. He will offer his expert knowledge in Agroforestry, the benefits, and ways in which trees can be combined with arable and livestock systems. The course will equip you with an overview in how to design, implement and manage an agroforestry system. Starting with an introduction to agroforestry and its benefits the course will lead you through designing and planning your own agroforestry system. We will visit four agroforestry systems on the Dartington Hall Estate, incorporating Alley Cropping, the Forest Garden at Martin Crawford’s Agroforestry Research Centre, and the new Agroforestry plots at the Schumacher College and at Huxhams Cross Farm.

Professor Martin Wolfe
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Forest Gardening
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Face to face

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Rachel Phillips
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