Agroforestry & Food Forest Course with Ernst Goetsch - Spain

Specialist - Forest gardening
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A unique opportunity to study with an absolute master in Agrogorestry and Food Forest Systems - Ernst Goetsch. We will be hosting him for a 7 day Theory and Practical course near Barcelona.

some of the Topcis:
-Commercial Food Forest Systems
- Introduction to Syntropic Farming philosophy: a way to become welcomed by the planet.
- What? Designing productive agro ecosystems similar to original landscapes considering their natural function.
- How? Using natural succession dynamics to guide the design and management of agro ecosystems.
- The Mediterranean Ecosystem: privileged site to grow fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains.
- Overcoming water deficit: "growing" water and "creating" soil.
- Annual metabolism and rhythm of seasonal and deciduous forests and how to interact with them through Syntropic Farming.
and much much more!

In the 70s, Gotsch develops his early studies of complex crop systems in areas in northern Switzerland and southern Germany.He tested for example the ancient traditions of planting.

He arrives in Brazil in 1982 and in 1984 sets up on a farm in southern Bahia. The name of the farm, as usual in the region, was a chronicle of the place. Something like "The Runaway from Dry Land." Approximately 500 acres of land rendered unproductive due to bad management and agricultural practices.On this farm he would continue the development of his obsessive experiments in Successional Agroforestry.Today there are about 410 hectares of reforested area, 350 of which were transformed into RPPN (private reserve of natural heritage), plus 120 hectares of Legal Reserve. After 20 years, about 14 springs reappeared on the farm.

International reference in Successional Agroforestry Systems, Ernst Gotsch has developed a refined technique of planting which principles and practices can be applied to different ecosystems.

look at the vidoes of Ernst Goetsch here online!

Booking and further information
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450 Euro -550 Euro
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Roman & Kate - SOIL SUN SOUL
Dates and times
1 April 2016 to 8 April 2016
Ernst Goetsch
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