5 day Creating edible landscapes (food forests) permaculture way

Specialist - Forest gardening
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Imagine your garden looking as lovely as a woodland edge, which produces an abundance of nutrient dense food and will ultimately need very little digging, weeding, manual watering or pest control - ‘an edible forest garden’.

Forest gardening is a way of growing food where nature does most of the work for you. Modelled on natural woodland, crops are grown in different layers from high and medium sized canopy to roots, ground cover and climbers.

Through careful planning plants are chosen which have beneficial effects on each other, attract beneficial insects and create a healthy biodiverse rich system that maintains its own fertility. Once established, your main task will be harvesting!

This workshop will give you the tools you need to design your own forest garden. You will learn about its history, its benefits, and soil fertility, nutrients, valuing diversity, surveying and map making, observing and learning from nature, how to place the right plant in the right place.

We will apply the theory as we go to the land around us, co-creating a forest garden onsite.

** 2 day Introduction Sat and Sunday
- History of forest gardening
- Why make a food forest
- Layout of a forest garden
- How to ensure your food forest has enough nutrients
- Multifunctional pathways
- Creating abundance and resilience
- Low maintenance food growing
- Patterns in nature for forest gardens
- Understanding and maximising edge
- Site tour

** 3 day Intensive Design and Practical Monday to Wednesday
- Creating your personal detailed designs or creating and implementing a design for the host site
- Water management
- Succession planning
- Implementation plans
- Tree and plant guilds
- Practical work (depending on the design we can make Earth-works, Water management, Pathways;, Sheet-mulching beds, etc)


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€20 to €100 per day (€60 per day would be ideal)
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REGISTRATION https://goo.gl/qys7Nt
27 April 2019 to 1 May 2019
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