24 day Social Vegan Permaculture Design and Naturopathy Course

Full Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
Summary information

- 100 hour Permaculture design course (certified by the Permaculture Association Britain and the Roots n Permaculture School)
- Naturopathy treatment (daily treatments)
- Naturopathy classes (learn how to heal using everyday natural items)
- Healthy local vegetarian/vegan food
- Optional yoga and meditation classes
- Optional cooking classes
- Optional deep cleansing diet or liquid fasting program

For more details on naturopathy please see our facebook event

We have fixed costs for the Yoga Wellness Centre to pay their trained staff and keep the project running, however we welcome people to donate extra if they can. Rakesh needs to raise approx €3000 for travel, training fee and other expenses. This amount is to be covered between all students (i.e €300 each if there are 10 students or €200 each if we reach the maximum 15 students, so we invite those who can afford more to contribute more, to balance out those who cannot afford as much. Hence we have a range of prices which you can donate according to your ability to contribute.

Permaculture Design Course for 24 days: Contribution from between ₹16,000 (approx €200) to ₹42,000 (approx €525) according to your ability to pay

Daily naturopathy treatment for 22 days: Between ₹5,500 (approx €70) Indian and low waged and up to ₹16,500 (approx €205) according to your ability to pay

Daily Naturopathy classes for 22 days: Between ₹5,500 (approx €70) Indian and low waged and up to ₹16,500 (approx €205) according to your ability to pay

Food and accommodation for 28 days: ₹21,000 (approx €265)

Spaces are limited on this course, so registration is essential

Permaculture Course: Rakesh [email protected]
Accommodation and Naturopathy: [email protected] +91 (0) 7992370201

Booking and further information
Contact Details: 
Between €600 to €1200 for 24 days (see above for breakdown)
Lead teacher info
Dates and times
14 January 2019 to 9 February 2019
Venue information


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