16-days permaculture design course

(PDC) Permaculture Design Course
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Quinta Kania Farm and Surplus Permaculture Design are excited to invite you for a two week Permaculture Design Course (PDC) on a stunning 4-hectare farm in the center of Portugal.

The Permaculture Design Course promises to be a very unique experience. We teach, based on our real life journey with Permaculture, from over 10 years’ experience in many varieties of climate. The 72 hours of course work, required to receive a Permaculture Design Certificate, will be covered over a two week period. It promises to be a PDC full of energy and excitement, knowledge and skills, connections and community. Sessions will be taught to accommodate all learning styles, combining lectures, group discussions, visual demonstrations, hands-on participatory learning and other creative ways of teaching permaculture. We will immerse ourselves in the life of Quinta Kania Farm seeing first hand how integrated permaculture systems and holistic design are applied and maintained. We give emphasis on connecting with the self (zone 00) on personal development and self-empowerment; giving participants life-changing tools for the future.

Find the course schedule and all the details following our webpage: https://quintakania.com/16-days-permaculture-design-course/

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Quinta Kania Farm, Vila do Mato, 3420-149, Portugal
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Quinta Kania Farm
Dates and times
23 August 2021 to 8 September 2021
Lola Bryon & Kyle Smith
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Quinta Kania Farm
3420-149 Vila do Mato

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