10 Day Advanced Permaculture Course: Earthworks and Food Forest Land Regeneration

Advanced Design Skills
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If you are interested in learning how to build the foundation for a Reforestation Project, expand your permaculture knowledge while enjoying daily yoga & delicious organic food our Advanced Permaculture Course: Earthworks and Food Forest Land Regeneration (December 10th – 21st) is for you.

In this ten day course, we will be sculpting the earth for water access and harvesting. Led by the renown Doug TreeYo Permaculture Crouch, this course aims to give you tools for managing & regenerating landscapes holistically. You will be taught how to observe existing systems, implement new ones and how to cultivate a greater level of biodiversity. Covering everything from soils to budgets, from nursery operations to machinery types, this course will kickstart your ability to consult on a wide range of projects. It will include theory, planning and design both in the classroom and in the field.

Let’s come together for this fun learning experience which will give you a new perspective on your everyday surroundings and bring inspired solutions to the table.

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+34 856 023 631
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Pago del Pagarete - Cortijo La Fabrica - 11650 Villamartín - Cádiz, Spain
400€ base fee plus accommodation and gourmet food
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Alice Winborn
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December 11th-20th, 2016 (arrival on the 10th and departure on the 21st)
10 December 2016 to 21 December 2016
Doug Crouch
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