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Permaculture Association Courses

Take a look at our dedicated Permaculture Association Courses page for courses run by us and our partners. Our members get 25% off our courses.

Now is the perfect time of year to gift a course to a loved one, plus they'll get a free years membership with every course. And out more on our online courses page.

Whether you are looking to learn online or in real life, browse through the largest listing of permaculture courses in the UK!

Not sure which course is for you? 

Take a look at our 'Which course is for you?' page to find out about all the different course options.

Survey to track the Impact of learning permaculture

Tell us about the impact of learning permaculture

What impact has learning permaculture had on your life, your career or your community?

You can answer this survey for each time you take a course or learn at a project.

You can give feedback on specific teachers or projects and tell us about your experiences.

With quality data on the impact of permaculture design, we can begin funding research, greater impact developments and provide more support to our members.