Permaculture Workshop, Guatemala

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You will work in six groups of four people: two PDC certificate holders and two underprivileged Guatemalans.
Together you will practice various techniques of design and installation.

The objectives of the three-week program are as follows:
- to provide the opportunity to put PDC learnings into practice in a supervised setting in the field
- to share one's knowledge with the locals
- to start the "flying team" programs
- to discover a new culture
- to promote the work of the IMAP that is still little known in the region
- to show how to design a place while respecting nature
- to reapropriate the notion of working together and encourage solidarity (a local custom that tends
to disappear with the western influence)
- to bring support, warmth and hope, to a youth that suffers from violence and racism
- to train local workers who will be aware of the environmental issues concerning their habitat (Atitlán Lake)

11 March 2010 to 28 March 2010
2 eco-architects (Nydia Solis & Karine Mery) & 2 Permaculture teachers (Bernard Alonso & Ronaldo Lec.)

Permaculture and people course

Summary information

This course isn't about growing veggies its about growing YOU!

Come and discover how to use permaculture
to improve your health and well being,
to set goals and gain energy and momentum to reach them,
to improve your communication with others and resolve conflict,
and to use the principles to guide your personal life and social interactions.

There will be time and space to relax, socialise, play games, walk in the beautiful countryside, be creative and share songs and music. Jules will also be treating us to gong baths and voice work.

Looby and Jules will combine their talents, multiple skills, experiences and wisdom to create space for inner growth, relaxation, and deepening into being a healthy presence in and for the world. No previous experience of permaculture is necessary, this course is for anyone wanting to design a better life for themselves...

21 January 2010 to 26 January 2010
Telephone number: 
01269 822786

Pruning old fruit trees - a two day course

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You will learn how to improve the health and productivity of old fruit trees by appropriate pruning. Skills learnt will also be applicable for pruning younger fruit trees and other trees/shrubs.

9 January 2010 to 10 January 2010
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10am-5pm both days
Bryn Thomas
£175 - Sponsored/organisation rate £175 - Individual income