Yes You Can Cooperative North Events 2010

 Yes we can! Create green homes and neighbourhoods.


We successfully held 10 events across the North of England bringing together people involved in permaculture, cooperatives and transition initiatives.

Sponsored by the Cooperative Membership and organised by the Association, this was a new way to work for both organisations. Thank you to all the local organisers, presenters and caterers.

This is what people said:

Positive friendly event and chance to meet like minded people and learn
Sharing ideas after some excellent inspiring and thought provoking talks
Good atmosphere with emphasis on communication between participants meeting members of other groups (including people I had previously emailed but never met)
I learnt and I enjoyed the discussions and the networking
Meeting fellow cooperators
Opportunity to hear a range of different issues

Getting out and meeting people, chatting over a lovely lunch and sharing learning and experience are all powerful tools for building greener, fairer and more productive communities.