Throstle Green

Forest garden under development in the Sottish Borders

A triangular site where the tip of the triangle points just west of North and the base of the triangle is a little east of due south. The western boundary is a mix of semi-mature woodland / overgrown ancient hedging - it has a small stream running through. This area provides excellent wind break for the site as well as a healthy and thriving habitat for a range of nesting birds. The eastern boundary adjoins arable farmland - a fruit and nut hedge is being planted here. To the south is a young 1/2 acre orchard, planted in 2015. Further to the south is another smaller area of land on which it is planned to plant perennial crops using concepts of agroforestry (on a small scale with espaliered fruit trees interplanted with rows of crops). Mature trees have been thinned to allow more light onto this area of land, windbreaks have been planted, a polytunnel will be sited here once the site is sheltered enough.

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