Daily podcast for the World our Hearts KNOW Is Possible: Choose Your Grooves

Choose Your Grooves for PC teachers:

I offer my podcast as a free ongoing resource that your students could tune into as a way of finding the Visions and more specifically, the feelings, of the  World our Hearts KNOW is Possible.

Choose your Grooves has a different theme each week.
Food, Everyone has enough, Governance/Leadership, Energy, Business, Health, etc.

They are harvested fresh from the forest in the early morning in SW France. 
Sounds of nature rouse the natural wisdom within us.
10 mins a day, 5 days a week.

Throughout the  week the themes are explored:
1. as related to our connection to Earth, each other and all of life.
2. as an inner experience of that which we wish to see.
3. evoking awe, wonder, gratitude and joy to establish new grooves in our minds
4. as an vision of the outer world (see the change you want to be)
5. within the framework of permaculture ethics and principles.

http://chooseyourgrooves.com/ep000-visionary-podcast/ Here is a link to the first ever episode. To hear the latest episodes, click on the subscribe button on the bottom of the linked page

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