A Perfect Gift for Parents - Mother Nature Book and Card Set


About the Mother Nature Guidebook:

This collection of 42 principles will nourish and empower you on your journey through motherhood. They are affirmations helping you to be present, aware and reflective. This guidebook can be daily inspiration, support in difficult moments and a tool for bonding with other women. The aim is to use these principles to emerge regenerative culMother Nature Book Phototures as mothers, where you value your gifts, reframe challenges and connect with nature and other mothers.
Each principle is accompanied by a beautiful image, inspiring text, reflective questions and activity, to support you in understanding and embodying it. They are elixirs, a-ha moments, distillations of the joys, struggles, challenges and learnings. The principles were evolved from a co-creative process involving the first hand experience and collective wisdom of the Mother Nature team and hundreds of mothers across Europe.

Included is guidance for running Mother Nature circles, to enable you to create your own circle of support and connection with other women.
This guidebook is in gratitude for mothers everywhere as creators, teachers, nurturers, leaders.
May the power of the Mother Nature principles guide you on your path.


About the Mother Nature Card Deck – exploring the journey of motherhood:

Mother Nature Cards Photo

Motherhood is a time of joy, challenges, growth and transformation. The Mother Nature cards will guide, nourish and empower you.
Filled with heartwarming, enchanting, powerful images to engage your intuition and innate wisdom. They are combined with 42 concise, relevant principles and affirmations that have been harvested from the collective intelligence and experience of many mothers. See a sample of the cards here


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