Programme of The Permaculture Scotland Gathering 2019

We are thrilled to be able to say that we've got over 30 workshop leaders providing nearly 40 workshops over The Gathering 2019 with a fabulous keynote speaker below. 
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Holly GillibrandHolly Gillibrand  

We are really excited to be able to announce that youth climate activist Holly Gillibrand will be our keynote speaker at The Permaculture Scotland Gathering 2019! 
Holly, a 14 year old environmentalist, naturalist and leading activist in Scotland's #FridaysForFuture youth movement is also an Ambassador for @ScotlandTBP.   Holly Gillibrand 2
Holly's keynote on Saturday is entitled Why the Youth are Rising and she will be speaking about the School Strikes for the Climate, the climate crisis, the ecological breakdown and what the future holds for her generation if action is not taken to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2030.


A download link to a PDF of the programme is here for you to print or check out the programme below...

You might need Adobe's PDF reader to read it which you can download from here.


Growing the Future. Practical Responses to Climate Change.
Growing the Future - Themes RECEPTION OPENING TIMES

- Tawny Owl Nest
Village Hall Growing:

On the Land
(Land) registration & information
1700 Opening circle x Growing:

In Ourselves
(Self) Friday: from 1200 till late
1730 Dinner x Growing:

(Skills) Saturday: 0830 - 1900
1900-2300 (Land) / (Momentum) Movie Night - Ludwig Ceilidh - The Northenders Growing: Momentum (Momentum) Sunday: 0830 - 1600

- Tawny Owl Nest

- Bullfinch

- Otter Holt
Teepee Outdoor meeting points Cabana, cave & fire pitch
(Self) Highland Hustle (minimum 4) - Eilidh Grant - Self organise duration (Self) Morning meditation - Stephanie Gooding - Self organise duration Private x x x
x x x x x x
0845 Morning circle x x x x x x
0915 Holly Gillibrand Keynote:

Why the Youth are Rising
x x x x x x
1015 Break
Children's Activities
1035 (Land) / (momentum) A piece of land surrounded by legislation - Alistair Mackinnon (Momentum) Community-led local action on the Ecological and Climate Emergency - David Somervell (Skills) The Simplest Design Process - James Chapman (Self) Touch for Resilience - Tigger MacGregor (Skills) Wild Plants for Medicine and Food - max. 12, walking - Monica Wilde x
1135 Break
1200 (Land) The GROW Observatory: The Value of Collective Research on soils, crops, permaculture and climate change - Alice Ambler & Renee Karunungan (Momentum) Scottish and European Networks - supporting local changemakers

- David Somervell
(Momentum) Radical Transparency, a positive approach to engage mainstream consumers - Séamas Stout (Self) Touch for Resilience - Tigger MacGregor (Skills) Birdsong - outdoors, woodland - Gemma Sethsmith & Arlo Marti x (Self) What to Wear for Kids in a Changing Climate (1/2) - Judy Martin
1300 Lunch x x x x x x
1400 Let's Permaculture Scotland! Permaculture Scotland AGM x x x x x
Children's Activities
1445 Break
1505 (Land) / (momentum) Access to Land - Roz Corbett & Malcolm Harris (Momentum) Engaging Children in Permaculture - Lusi Alderslowe (Land) Wild Food in Sustainable Permaculture - Monica Wilde (Momentum) / (Self) Extinction Rebellion and the Heart - Dorje Khandro Dawid (Skills) Bird Language - discover a world of information and beauty - Cesaria Kassner
1605 Break
1625 (Momentum) Radical self-education at the Permaculture Community Classroom - Paul Masser
1800 (Self) Highland Hustle (minimum 4) - Eilidh Grant x x x x x
1830 (Skills) Gardener's Question Time + Dinner (cont) x x x x x x
1900 x
(Land) Rubha Phoil - Who we are and what we want to achieve - Ludwig Appeltans
x x x x
1930 x x x x
2030-2200 x (Land) / (Momentum) Movie and discussion: In our Hands - Seeding Change Facilitator TBC Private x x x

- Tawny Owl Nest

- Bullfinch

- Otter Holt
Teepee Outdoor meeting points Cabana, cave & fire pitch
(Self) Highland Hustle (minimum 4) - Eilidh Grant - Self organise duration (Self) Morning meditation - Stephanie Gooding - Self organise duration Private x x x
x x x x x x
0845 Morning Circle x x x x x x
0915 (Land) Eat It - Securing Your Food Future - Kate Everett (Momentum) Extinction Rebellion and other Actions - Patrick Dunne & Katie Smith (Skills) The Regional and Local Permaculture Diploma System - James Chapman (Momentum) Find Your Friends: Developing a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy - Rehema White (Self) How can Nature Connection Routines help you design a life of abundance - max. 12, walking - Ludwig Appeltans
Children's Activities
1015 Break
1035 (Self) Footprints: ecopsychology foundations, talk - Stephanie Gooding (Momentum) ScotLAND - Empowering the next generation of national permaculture demonstration hubs 1 - Finn Weddle & Pippa Downing (Momentum) Who Pays? Re-imagining the emergency response, funding net zero emissions by 2025 - Séamas Stout (Land) A Permaculture Strategy for Golf? - Rehema White & TBC Robbie Fitzpatrick
1135 Break Break
1200 (Self) Footprints: ecopsychology foundations, mindfulness practice - Stephanie Gooding (Momentum) ScotLAND - Empowering the next generation of national permaculture demonstration hubs 2 - Finn Weddle & Pippa Downing (Land) Crofting and organic growing in Skye - Donald Murdie (Self) What to Wear in a Changing Climate (2/2) - Judy Martin x x
1300 Lunch x x x x x x
1400 Closing circle x x x x x x
1415-1600 DEPART - we will need everyone to leave the site by 1600 so our volunteers can take the structures down and clean up.

Workshop Leaders  

We've got 33 inspiring people lined up for you with 37 scintilating workshops...
In no particular order here they are (or use the links above)... 

Lusi Alderslowe  

Lusi AldersloweLusi Alderslowe is a stalwart of the permaculture scene and a recognised expert in the field of children in permaculture.  Lusi is coordinator of the Children in Permaculture project for the Permaculture Association (Britain) and Gatehouse School. Lusi has been engaging children in permaculture in formal, non-formal and informal settings around Scotland for 12 years. Lusi Alderslowe WorkshopShe is an international Permaculture Educator, Forest School Leader and Human Ecologist.

In Lusi's workshop entitled Engaging Children in Permaculture you will find out how to engage children in permaculture. We will be looking at different ways that you can involve children in making decisions that are best for Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Discuss how to have a child-led approach which can empower children.

Come away with some practical activities which you can do with children whether the children you interact with are at home, in a community garden or school. 


Tansy TorkingtonTansy Torkington  

Tansy Torkington is a previous speaker at Permaculture Scotlands 2018 Gathering and this year presents a workshop called Climate Conversations an introductory session supporting us to look at climate change and what it means to us. Tansy Torkington
This is a led workshop with some interesting activities and thought provoking discussions. More on Climate Conversations.

Patrick Dunne and Katie SmithPatrick Dunne and Katie Smith  

Patrick Dunne and Katie Smith are based in Edinburgh, and are active members of the Extinction Rebellion movement. Extinction RebellionThey are also staging the show 1 Point 5 Degrees at the Edinburgh Free Fringe this year.

Patrick and Katie will speak directly to The Gathering's tagline Practical Responses to Climate Change by bringing a workshop entitled Extinction Rebellion and other actions in which they host a discussion with Members of Extinction Rebellion and permaculturists to discuss their experience of the current climate rebellion and activism in Edinburgh and the UK.



James Chapman James Chapman

As one of Scotlands busiest permaculture teachers James Chapman's a keen promoter of living and working towards a sustainable and regenerative future and works throughNonStuff Industries NonStuff Industries.  James is bringing two workshops to The Gathering...

  • James will be presenting the Simplest Design Process which is an elegant way to design any permaculture project. 

  • James will also be presenting a new opportunity and future for the permaculture diploma called The Regional and local diploma system.


Monica Wilde  Monica Wilde

Monica Wilde a forager, research herbalist and ethnobotanist brings a fascinating workshop entitled Wild Food in Sustainable Permaculture.  She is also conducting a walk around Rhuba Phoil entitled:Monica Wilde Workshop Wild Plants for Medicine & Food, with ID and information on which wild plants can be foraged and used as food and medicine. Tasting as appropriate. 

Wild edible and medicinal plants are vital to optimum health and nutrition. They require no inputs, little maintenance and are an essential part of sustainable harvesting. Their role in food systems of the future should not be underestimated. Monica Wilde talks about the importance of wild foods, with some surprising views on the impact on our health of a wild or semi-wild diet.


Dorje Khandro Dawid  Extinction Rebellion Highlands and IslandsDorje Khandro Dawid

Dorje Khandro Dawid is from Extinction Rebeliion Highlands and Islands (fb) and has an interesting workshop entitled Extinction Rebellion and the heart

Extinction Rebellion has grown incredibly quickly since its launch towards the end of last year. Here we explore the role of the heart in the movement and how we can each find a way to be active and true to ourself while ‘rebelling’




Alistair MacKinnonAlistair MaKinnon  

The continuing lessons in setting up a community-based permaculture growing site.

This workshop entitled A Piece Of Land Surrounded By Legislation will cover the Community Empowerment Act, Asset Transfer, The Scottish Land Fund, 1,000 Huts Campaign and the long process of acquiring land in a rural community to create a Permaculture growing site. 





Maria Suarez Alvarez  Clachan

Maria Suarez Alvarez has a fascinating workshop called Clachan, Mutual Shared Ownership Society. A co-housing project in Glasgow.  In this presentation Maria introduces Clachan, a co-housing project in Glasgow. She will, as well, explain what a Mutual Home Ownership Society is.

ClachanAbout Clachan: we are a group of people who wish to live in a low impact, low energy, eco- friendly way by building a sharing community in Glasgow. Activated in 2016, the plan has developed slowly but surely from an idea of a Big Hoose containing several households to a co-housing development of 22 households similar in style to LILAC co-housing in Leeds and based on a Mutual Home Ownership Society model


Stephanie GoodingStephanie Gooding  

Stephanie Gooding ​​is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist bringing the inspiration of nature together with psychology.  Stephanie Gooding

What is Ecopsychology?  Stephanie Gooding presents Footprints, an Ecopsychology Foundations workshop and hopes to go into some experiential mindfulness practice or creative work.



Renee Karunungan and Alice AmblerRenee Karunungan  Alice Ambler

Renee Karunungan [left] works at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and is a Science Communicator and Writer for the Permaculture Association and GROW Observatory. Alice Ambler [right] is a Geographer, Citizen Science Researcher for the James Hutton Institute and the GROW Observatory.  This Gathering Renee and Alice present two workshops from the GROW Observatory.  


  • Naomi van der Velden WorkshopPractical workshop: An opportunity to learn about and try out some simple but effective tests and observations to better understand your growing soils. This workshop is called Getting your hands dirty [Practical]: citizen soil science.

    We will introduce some of the principles of soil science and describe how we've used and investigated techniques in the GROW Observatory to balance scientific rigour and practical usability.  Participants will be given the opportunity to get their hands dirty testing out the best techniques for quick soil assessments.  We'll discuss how the findings can be used to improve soils and food growing.  don't miss our other workshop to explore other tools and resources for soils, regenerative growing, local planting dates and more.

  • Naomi van de Velden Workshop2Second workshop: The value of collective research on soils, crops, permaculture and climate change: Getting your hands dirty: The GROW Observatory

    From soil-sensing communities to finding the best local planting times, this  ambitious EU citizen's observatory project connects growers with scientists specialising in satellites, in soils, and in agroecology to improve our collective knowledge.  Lots of free resources and tools have been created - find out how you can benefit.  Don't miss our other hands-on practical workshop to explore soils!


Gihan Soliman  Gihan Soliman

Scientist, Permaculture Association Trustee and an award-winning educator Gihan Soliman presents a fascinating workshop entitled gihan-soliman-workshopSoil Solutions to Climate Change: The Systematic links between Food Production and Climate Change

The workshop will explore the systematic and historic links between agriculture and the current crisis of biodiversity loss and climate change. Individual and community solutions for growing the future - in abundance, will be explored with a practical guide to soil fertility for food production and conservation of nature. The workshop will tap on some case studies for further illustration and will be concluded by a call for joint action.


Kate Everett  Kate Everett orkshopKate Everett

Kate Everett founded the facebook group Gardening The Woods and presents the workshop Eat It - Securing Your Food Future

Kate is currently feeding herself for a year entirely off her smallholding in Perthshire. This workshop explores how to increase your own food security in a less-than-certain world, and how to build in more resilience in the light of changing weather patterns.







Ludwig Appeltans  Ludwig Appeltans

Our host at Rhuba Phoil, Ludwig Appeltans presents a fascinating workshop entitled How can Nature Connection Routines help you design a life of abundance.

Ludwig Appeltans WorkshopNature connection routines like tracking, bird language, fox walk and others help us to sharpen all our senses. This raises our awareness of what is happening around us in our ecosystem which in turn leads us on a path of discovery within ourselves. Nature connection inevitably deepens our connections with ourselves and others, leading us onto a path of discovery of who we really are and what we really want.


Paul MasserPaul Masser  

Paul Masser presents a workshop entitled Radical Self-Education at the Permaculture Community Classroom.  How can local Permaculture/Transition groups provide a supportive network for people at all stages of learning, from initial curiosity through the PDC and beyond, and reach out to the wider community? 

Paul Masser WorkshopThis workshop will share the experience of the Permaculture Community Classroom (fb), a community group based in Edinburgh holding regular meetings, organising trips to places of permacultural interest and collaborating on permaculture design projects in our local community. We see it as a classroom where everyone is both teacher and student. We are still working out what this means in practice, and invite you to bring your ideas and experiences of studying permaculture and working in groups to the discussion.


David Somervell  David Somervell

David Somervell is convener of Transition Edinburgh and vice convener of Peace & Justice Centre.  He was formerly University Sustainability Adviser at the University of Edinburgh and is an Associate of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. Transition EdinburghDavid presents two workshops:

  • The first is a workshop entitled: Community-led local action on the Ecological and Climate Emergency.   Responding to Climate Disruption: Transition Edinburgh activities ranging from Good Food Nation workshops, Food Growing Strategy, Healthy Streets / Air Pollution, Circular Economy / Plastics, Pathways to a Climate Neutral Capital by 2030, lobbying City Council with XR and SYCS and more - in an interactive conversation sharing what works.

  • ECOLISEDavid's second workshop is entitled: Scottish and European networks - supporting local change-makers. ECOLISE, the European network for community-led initiatives on climate disruption and sustainability, recognises the unprecedented ecological, social, economic and political threats to life on planet earth.  We engage in, support and facilitate accelerated learning and collaboration among community-led initiatives, their networks and partners - to catalyse systemic transformation across society. Specifically supporting Permaculture, Transition and Ecovillage networks across Europe. Community groups at 2011 Climate Challenge Fund Gathering agreed on a need for a community-led team to tackle barriers faced by community groups. The Steering Group for the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN) now supports over 100 groups.  Hear how you can promote projects through European Day for Sustainable Communities on / around Saturday 21 September.  [Funding on offer].


Roz Corbett & Malcolm Harris  SFLT

Roz Corbett & Malcolm Harris from the Scottish Farm Land Trust bring us an interesting workshop entitled Access to Land.

The workshop will address the issue of access to farmland for agroecological farming. People interested in starting this type of farming, or supporting farmers in their local area to do this will further their understanding of the challenges & opportunities within this workshop.

We'll cover:

  • Challenges accessing land
    • the reasons behind the challenge
    • the extent of the problem
    • the impact on our food
  • Opportunities
    • International solutions : examples from France & Germany
    • UK Solutions : examples from across the country
    • SFLT: Update on our development, brokerage & land purchases


Rehema White  Rehema White Golf

Rehema is a previous speaker at Permaculture Scotlands 2018 Gathering and this year presents two workshops called Find your friends! - developing a stakeholder engagement strategy and intriguingly A permaculture strategy for golf? 

  • Find your friends! - developing a stakeholder engagement strategy.  Many of us work in small or larger institutions or organisations. These days, we achieve more by working in partnership with others. Friends - Rehema WhiteCommunication is vital – what should we be saying and how can we refine our communication for different groups? Where should we put our efforts? In this workshop we will look at who your friends might be, how to map individuals and organisations across scales and topics and how to develop a plan for meaningful communication. We will have some group discussion and you can take away some tools to help you plan in the future.

  • A permaculture strategy for golf? We have been working with the golf sector to enhance sustainability in environmental and social arenas. In particular, we are exploring opportunities for socio-technological innovation. But not all innovation has to be high tech. What would it look like to apply permaculture design principles and practices to golf courses? Results from this workshop will be fed back to the main golf governing organisations. Our findings may also be relevant for your local parks, school grounds and sports grounds. 


Séamas Stout  Séamas Stout

Séamas Stout will be presenting two fascinating workshops: 

  • Who PaysThe first workshop is entitled Who Pays? Re-imagining the emergency response, funding net zero emissions by 2025 and explores funding 5% of GDP, a politically unpalatable level of spending required to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. Who, why and how much  - the next generation? the polluter? the very rich? What tactics will move this forward?

  • RADTRAIn the second workshop entitled Radical Transparency, a positive approach to engage mainstream consumers  Séamas explores the idea that 80 % of people want to buy environmentally and ethically "proper" products, yet only 20% are "proper". Getting the right information at the point of sale is the biggest issue. Radical transparency champions only the most "proper" products to steer all producers towards being "proper".


Finn Weddle and Pippa Downing  Finn Weddle w1Finnn Weddle

Permaculture Association stalwart Finn Weddle and Pippa Downing will be presenting two sessions on ScotLAND - Empowering the next generation of national permaculture demonstration hubs.  

We will be discussing the achievements and pitfalls of the ScotLAND Project so far, hearing from the current co-ordinator and several member projects themselves.


Finn Weddle w2We will end the session with some dreaming about what a future phase of ScotLAND could look like. In the second session, we will revise the visioning session (Plan de Vida) that we carried out at last year's gathering and discuss the future of permaculture in Scotland.




Jayson BylesJayson Byles  

In an interesting workshop entitled Seaweed and Climate Jayson Byles from East Neuk Seaweed explores our relationship with the sea, Jayson Byleswild food and how we interact with the world around us have a profound interconnection. 

Is wild harvesting sustainable and how do we protect seaweed from a permaculture perspective ? 


Judy Martin  Judy Martin

Judy Martin at Kinloch Permaculture presents an interesting workshop entitled What to wear in a changing climate?

Judy Martin WorkshopHow we can grow fibre and dye plants, make our own textiles, revive local craft industries, regenerate soils, help wildlife, reduce our carbon footprint, and rebuild community.  I'll have some examples, samples, equipment, and basic info (bring your own if you have any).  How can this work on both a domestic and local circular economy level?  What can we learn from existing projects, and our own history, to help us in an uncertain future? Maybe we'll start a network, and plan...


Janni Diez  Janni Diez

Janni Diez - A Mountain Leader, Climbing Wall Instructor, Paddle Sport Coach, Sea Kayaker and with a passion for Gaelic will bring mapsJanni Diez Workshop and landscapes to life presenting a fascinating interactive workshop called Gaelic in the Landscape.

Janni will explore Gaelic place names, learn about common features, their pronunciation and meaning and will equip you with the knowledge to understand and pronounce other Gaelic names you see around you. 


Rory MacPhee  Rory Macphee WorksopRory MacPhee

Rory MacPhee is behind @umiyoku Forest Bathing, Nature Therapy, In gardens, forests, On beaches, Guided multi-sensory experience to encourage your reconnection with Nature. Rory present an interesting workshop entitled Ecotherapy - The Underpin to a Sustainable Future.

Forest Bathing is one component of ecotherapy. Originating in Japan in the 1980’s, there has been significant investment into evaluating the medical benefits of nature immersions. The core proposition is that, in addition to boosting human immune systems, such interventions enable participants better able to understand core concepts such as biodiversity. This workshop will introduce you to the “Classic” formulation of Forest Bathing 


Cesaria Kassner  Cesaria Kassner

Cesaria Kassner Cesaria Kassnerwill be presenting a fascinating workshop called Bird language - discover a world of information and beauty

This workshop about bird language introduces you to a world that’s all around us, but that can easily go unnoticed.

At Rubha Phoil birds are abundant and they make us to listen attentively. Take the chance and do the same and you will be able to figure out a lot more about you and the ecosystem around you.



Tigger MacGregor  

Tigger MacGregor is presenting two workshops at The Gathering...

Tigger Macgregor workshop touch

  • In Touch for Resilience you will learn how neuroscience is giving new insight into the power of Touch and its role in a happy and healthy planet. This workshop comprises information about Touch as well as an introduction to how you can use Touch to build your own resilience.

  • tigger macgregor workshop labyrinthIn Labyrinths and how to use them you will get a practical introduction to labyrinths and how they can be used as part of investigating seemingly intractable problems and as a meditative tool for wellbeing. The workshop will also include collectively creating and walking a labyrinth. 


Eilidh GrantEilidh Grant  Eilidh Grant

With a workshop entitled Highland Hustle, Eilidh Grant will be bringing you a Scottish Dance based Aerobic Workout, fantastic music, great fun, with different intensity options - suitable for all abilities.  (no previous dance experience necessary)



Donald MurdieDonald Murdie  

Donald Murdie's workshop is entitled Crofting and Organic Growing in SkyeRobson & Murdie Skye Local Produce (fb) grow a range of vegetables, herbs and soft fruits on their croft in the North West of Skye.  Donald MurdieAll their produce is grown free from pesticides and artificial fertilizers and they are members of Scottish Crofting Produce. 

The workshop will provide an overview of crofting as it is today, and how it got here.  How crofting is relevant to a gathering of permaculturists.  The challenges and opportunities of growing fresh produce on a croft.  Getting started; finding a croft; support available.  The role of the Scottish Crofting Federation. Questions and general discussion.


Gemma Sethsmith and Arlo Marti  Gemma Sethsmith Workshop

Gemma Sethsmith and Arlo Marti bring us a fascinating workshop entitled Birdsong. Birdsong - Tweet, cheep, kaaaa - We hear the birds all around us yet who’s who and what are they saying?

Whether you are an avid birder or a complete beginner, this skill share will give you time to listen to and identify over 20 of the most common woodland birds in Scotland by tuning in to their songs.  Chats, thrushes, crows, finches, tits, hawks, pidgins, warblers, wrens - each distinct and beautiful - bring your ears!





Workshop/Event List  

Here's a list of workshops and events, click the link to go to the description...



We plan to start the gathering off with a traditional knees up...

Ceilidh with The Northenders on Friday Evening - Friday 28th June, 7pm - 11pm, Village Hall   

The Northenders
There will be a ceilidh with a local Skye band on Friday evening set to get yours knees up and your hands clapping.
The Northenders are a local group of four young musicians who - having met through school - developed a shared love for Scottish traditional music and decided to combine each of their distinctive sounds, to create a dynamic and lively ceilidh band. You can see them on Facebook here and hear their music here: The Northenders
Entry fee: included in the weekend ticket price or £5.00/£10.00 at the door (for those without the festival ticket).

Saturday Night Open Mic Ceilidh

We'll be having an Open Mic Ceilidh and Music in the Tawny Owl Nest so do bring an instrument!



If music isn't your thing in the evening, we've got some fascinating films for you... 


Movie Night – selection with Ludwig Appeltans in the Marquee - Tawny Owl Nest on Friday at 1900 - 2300 

We have a few short movies about Rubha Phoil, which we would like to let run in a loop and also ...

The Other Connection (L' Autre Connexion with English Subtitles). 56 min

This film presents a model of education based on indigenous cultures, by a total immersion in the wilderness. The Wolf School, the subject of the film, is located in Canada, in British Columbia on the island of Salt Spring. Children explore three days a week, whatever the weather, the deep connection to nature, to others and to themselves. The rest of the week they study classical subjects. Old model but oh so innovative for us, it meets the need for a deep connection, essential to our balance. He reminds us that everything is connected, that true joy lies in realizing one's potential, serving one's community and nature. Discover the story of a quest for connection, through the eyes of director Cécile Faulhaber, educators, parents and children.













In Our Hands - Seeding Change movie and discussion in the Small Gazebo - Otter Holt Saturday at 2030-2200

In Our Hands - Seeding Change is the story of the farmers, working on the ground to transform the food system from the bottom up. The film deals with contemporary political issues such as supermarket control, low milk prices and the loss of food culture, and depicts the power of the individual to make the changes we want to see. The conflicted heroines and heroes of this film find solutions to their circumstances through surprising innovations: downsizing their herds, shortening their supply chains, kicking the pesticide habit and involving their communities. 



In Our Hands

Director - Jo Barker (Black Bark Films)

Producer - Humphrey Lloyd (LWA)

Run Time - 67 minutes

Year Made - 2017

Certificate - Unclassified


When: Fri 28th from 7pm to 11pm.




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