New ScotLAND Group Visit Scheme

As part of ScotLAND we are excited to announce the opportunity to take part in our Group Visit Scheme. The scheme provides the chance to learn about permaculture in practice by visiting a ScotLAND Centre.


How it works

Step 1: Choose a Centre

Have a look at the ScotLAND Centres here and choose one that you'd like to visit. Please note that all Centres have adequate facilities, (e.g toilets and tea making facilities.) Your host will give a tour of the site and provide a drink and snack/ lunch. There may also be an opportunity to get involved in some physical tasks.


Step 2: Gather your group

Gather a group of 12 (minimum) who would like to take part in the visit. Please be aware that this opportunity is designed for people who don’t ordinarily have the chance to engage with permaculture, e.g for social or economical reasons. You will need to explain how this applies to your group.


Step 3: Contact us

We can provide more information about the ScotLAND Centres and put you directly in touch with your host Centre. You will need to arrange a date for your group visit and confirm any details with your host (e.g. if you want a physical activity or not etc). Please contact [email protected]


Step 4: Expenses

Each group visit will be allocated £150 to cover travel expenses. This might be to hire a minibus or purchase bus tickets for example. The host Centre will also be paid for their time.


Step 5: Feedback

During your Group Visit we ask 3 simple things from you.

  1. Sign an attendance form

  2. Take photos on site

  3. Collect some feedback from your group (this can be orally recorded, it doesn't have to be a form)

Contact [email protected] for more info