Logistics of The Permaculture Scotland Gathering 2019

Growing the Future: Practical Responses to Climate Change. The Permaculture Scotland Gathering 2019 will be held at Rubha Phoil, Isle of Skye, starting on Friday 28th of June until Sunday 30th June. A fascinating programme including walks, talks, workshops, practicals and music. Join us for a weekend of inspiring permaculture, campfires, music and dancing. Follow our Facebook page and Twitter page for updates.




The Permaculture Scotland gathering is a family friendly event, so children are welcome and only pay for the cost of their food. There will be a children's space, with lots of fun and education outdoor activities and crafts. 
Parents and carers will be welcome to leave children aged 4+ at the children's space while they attend workshops. The children will be engaged in lots of fun activities and allowed space for free play in the outdoor spaces provided. We ask that any parent doing so also signs up to help out in the children's area for one session. Younger children will be welcome to join in with their parent or carer.


We are working to make Rubha Phoil accessible but at the moment we haven’t met that goal. The track can be rough in places and the showers and toilets are currently only accessible by steps. We want to do all we can to can to help with mobility at the site, please contact the team if you would like to discuss your particular requirements for the festival. Registered guide dogs are welcome on site.



Two nights camping at Rubha Phoil is included in the ticket price. Rubha Phoil has space for 35 tents which we expect to fill up fast, so please when booking indicate if you are intending to camp and if so, who is in your tent so we can plan numbers.
Camper vans:

Rubha Phoil cannot accommodate camper vans, but there may be places nearby to stay over if you choose to bring a camper van. Camper vans are permitted at Camping Skye in Broadford, a 15 mile drive from the event. We will update this information as soon as we are sure that this is an option.

Bnb’s, guest houses and hotels.

Skye accommodation does fill up fast so we recommend that you book your accommodation as soon as possible. There are a variety of bnb’s and hotels in the area.

Some useful links:






Food with Fallain Foods Catering!

By popular demand, mouth-watering meals will once again be provided by the wonderful Fallain Foods. Their cuisine at the Permaculture Scotland Gathering two years ago in Galloway was so delicious people are still talking about it!
All the meals will be vegetarian with vegan and gluten free options available.
Breakfast: Porridge, Fruit, Vegetarian Rolls, Vegan French Toast
Lunch: Homemade Soup, artisan breads, salads, pickles, cheeses
Dinner: One course delicious main meal and sides. Please bring cakes/ desserts to share!
For those with a weekend ticket all meals from dinner on Friday until Sunday lunch are included in the ticket price. For those with a one day ticket only lunch is provided. Please let us know of any dietary requirements when you book.

Getting There

We strongly encourage using public transport. If driving, please consider car sharing. A Liftshare Facebook group to help you arrange it can be joined here.

On foot or bicycle: Those eco-heroes who can walk or cycle here will be welcomed with a nice hot cuppa when they arrive! Rubha Phoil is a 20 second walk from where you get off the ferry at Armadale.

By Train:The most environmentally friendly way to travel if you cannot walk/cycle. The train station at Mallaig is well-connected to Glasgow, and other stations all over Scotland. Lots of people coming to the gathering will catch the train from Glasgow together. It will be lots of fun to be on the Harry Potter route. Train times should be announced (by Scotrail) in April. It may also save some money if you can book your ticket in advance. It is easy to hop off the train and onto the ferry at Mallaig.

By Ferry: take the Mallaig-Armadale Ferry. The entrance to Rubha Phoil is to the left of the ferry port, on top of the rock.

Ferry timetables, service updates and ticket sales can be found at calmac.co.uk Summer. Foot passengers don’t need to buy a ticket in advance (vehicles do). We would however encourage ticket holders to not arrive by car as the ferry terminal is very busy and car parking is limited.

By Bus: If you are arriving from elsewhere on Skye, Bus times can be found here

By Car:  If you are driving, don't go alone, share your car with others! We set up a Facebook CARE SHARE GROUP to enable matching people up. 

Parking spaces are very limited and we encourage you to use public transport, which is also better for the envrionment and therefore helping us to reduce our climate impact. If you need to drive, please leave your car in Mallaig unless you are a blue badge disabled ticket holder. This will save you a lot of money taking the car on the ferry. Every ferry will be met with volunteers with wheelbarrows to help you to carry your luggage to the campsite.

If you have to come by car, make sure you book it onto the ferry in advance. Alternatively: Cross the Skye Bridge and continue on the A57. Before you reach Broadford, turn left onto the Armadale road (A851), heading south. Follow signs to Armadale Pier and ferries for about 20 miles – you’ll find Rubha Phoil on the right, beside the ferry car park. There you can see a track going up the hill. If you are coming from the north of Skye, come through Broadford, then take the Armadale road (A851) on the right and follow signs to Armadale Pier and ferries (about 20 miles).



Dogs, other than registered guide dogs, are not permitted on the site. So please do not bring your dog, even if it is well behaved. You will not be permitted to enter the site if you have a dog with you.






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Dogs, other than registered guide dogs, are not permitted on the site. So please do not bring your dog, even if it is well behaved. You will not be permitted to enter the site if you have a dog with you.