Other ways to support our work

Here are a variety of other ways you can support the work of the Permaculture Association:


Share stories from the network

Help others hear the benefits permaculture can provide

Help us to share the positive stories that are being generated by the network, on facebook, twitter and via our blog - find out more here.

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Gift membership

Give the gift that keeps on giving!

With Permaculture Association Membership, your friends and family will get a gift that lasts all year round, and which will also contribute to further permaculture research, education and development.

Permaculture Ambassadors

Get involved!

You can support The Permaculture Association by dedicating some of your time to Ambassador activities, writing blog posts, distributing leaflets and more!

Donate to the Permaculture Association

Please support a brighter future

By working together using the tools and techniques we have, and empowering people with new skills, we can bring about change. Please support us in this work! There are many ways you can make donations to the Permaculture Association. Thank you!