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START WITH FOOD is a document of 26,000 words presented in booklet format. Underpinning this document are number of food pledges and principles leading to the formulation of a new social contract. The abstract reads:

U Start with Food is a reflection on the ‘often overlooked dimension [of food] to our understanding of the Second World War’ (Lizzie Collingham, A Taste of War). Today, uncertainties over the entire food supply are a cause of tension, conflict and wars. Any reference to ‘food security’ shows that countries are unwilling or even opposed to put food centre stage and make it a rightful instrument of policy. Peace or political activists and campaigners have largely ignored this food dimension. A different style of campaigning is called for.

No aspect of living is left untouched by food and U Start with Food tells part of the story. Food Dimension looks at the impact of a war economy on food, jobs and our muted responses. The idea to institute a virtual University of Food is mooted in part response to that. The beautiful ‘language of food’ is first evoked in one of the illustrations (Figure 2) and then specifically covered in Food Birthing. That food is born, hence ‘food birthing’, may be a novel way of looking at food. This section explores the ‘birth’ of food seen as an enduring metaphor for renewal. Under Food Links the interplay between food, families, communities, the economy, and learning is further explored.

Solutions come first, and every country, region and locality needs farming, manufacturing, engineering and construction. In that order.

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