What is Permaculture?

Several books have been written about what permaculture is and how to do it.

Eating the View - Permaculture Style

Over the past few years permaculture design has been quietly having an impact on landscapes all over the world.

Design it yourself!

Andy Goldring

Permaculture is a way of designing the world around us to be healthier.

A Permaculture Parish

The election of four BNP councillors in Bradford last week will send the political mainstream within and without that District into a flat spin, even though it will not have changed a thing.

Permaculture meets Natural Building in Hungary

During one week in August around 40 people from 15 different countries convened in a little old village outside Budapest. They were all part of creating the…:

Hosting an Environmental Gathering?

-Doing it right by applying permaculture principles!

Observe and Interact:


In one of the last issues of Permaculture Magazine I noticed a small add claiming a camp to be "The only eco-camp in Europe".

Homegrown Allotment Project

In recent decades there has been much concern over the nutritional quality and levels of chemical toxins present in the foods generally made available to us through supermarkets and grocery stores.