The Association's Board of Trustees follows the Carver Governance model which is designed 'to allow the board to focus on the larger issues, to delegate with clarity, to control management's job without meddling, to rigorously evaluate the accomplishment of the organization'.

Following this model the trustees have defined the difference the Permaculture Association aims to make in the world through a set of outcomes, or 'ends'. These outcomes are: 

1.1 Individuals and groups have better access to advice, support, information and training about the theory and practice of permaculture and related subjects.

1.2 Individuals, projects and partners are better able to share resources and practical solutions, and collaborate on projects.

1.3 Civil society, specific sectors and professions understand the value of the permaculture design approach in relation to their activities.

1.4 Members and the wider public are able to access a record of the timescape (history and possible futures) of permaculture.

1.5 Members and the wider public are able to contribute to the development of permaculture theory and practice through research, projects and documentation activities.